Marketing Magic from Kim Kimmy

Why Hire Kim?

Cost-free imagination with cost-effective executions!

You could be wasting your marketing dollars if you don't have an effective way to follow up and stay connected. Kim can help you -- with no consulting fee and no obligation! If you don't have time and have little marketing money, Kim can help you can generate 30-45% more sales over the next 12 months by implementing one simple change. Here's a hint:

  • Generate endless referrals from your current customers with zero advertising dollars and 80% better results!
  • Avoid ever chasing a cold lead again.

Kim's ideas are so creative, other PR firms often consult with her as a secret weapon.

  • Most agencies mark up their services; Kim doesn't.
  • Kim's diverse client list and amazing number of contacts means that she can often "marry" projects of companies and organizations to one another for cost-savings and effectiveness.
  • Kim provides counsel -- she doesn't leave all of the thinking up to you, yet is a loyal part of your team.
  • Kim is available to work before, during, and after your event at the same rate -- even if it's a holiday, evening, or weekend.
  • Kim is the principal of her company. You won't be working with a "junior executive."
  • Kim is Accredited in Public Relations (APR).
  • Kim won't ask you to spend money on advertising when you could be using other cost-effective marketing methods.
  • Kim will train your employees about the importance of marketing. (They may not realize that every employee is part of the marketing department.)
  • Kim's loyal to her customers. She uses their products and services.
  • Kim's on the lookout, and will let you know about external issues and events that may affect your business.
  • Kim will be a member of your team, fitting in with you and your employees.
  • Kim excels at using media to your advantage.
  • Are you prepared for a crisis? They always seem to happen at the worst time, and Kim will help you to be prepared internally as well as externally with the media.

About Kim E. Kimmy, APR

Kim E. Kimmy is an award-winning marketing, PR and research consultant. Dubbed as the "Goddess of Good Ideas," she has helped businesses and organizations stretch marketing dollars since 1995.

Prior to that, Kim helped the Space Needle increase profits through local, national and international visibility campaigns, such as inflating a 50-foot crab atop the 605-foot structure and developing the annual New Year's Eve fireworks extravaganza seen around the world. She came to Seattle in 1984 with extensive marketing experience on the East Coast.

Kim has served on the boards of a variety of professional and community organizations. She is past president of Marketing Communications Executives International, a board member of the University of Washington Press, and a past board member of the Seattle Advertising Federation and the Public Relations Society of America.

She has a degree in journalism from Marshall University, and is also a graduate of the Western College of Auctioneering in Billings, MT.

  • In advertising, use emotional verbs. "Savor" or "enjoy" our pie--not "try" our pie.
  • Clarity is more effective than clever.
  • Any picture worth running is worth running big.
  • There's no such thing as "very" unique. It's either unique or it's not one of a kind.
  • The most important employee in your company is the one who answers the phone.
  • Ask your customer what they want. Then deliver it.
  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • After an event, guests only remember the fun they had. Make sure they have it!
  • Rule #1 in event planning: Understand your audience.
  • The best events keep the music low enough for conversation.
  • Always carry your business cards.
  • Keep in touch with clients and prospects regularly.
  • A business card that's easy to read is more effective than one that's "graphically unique."
  • Use sans serif type -- it's easier to read. Examples: Helvetica or Arial.
  • A short speech is usually better than a long one. Think of the Gettysburg Address.
  • Make life easy for your client--don't make them press 1 for this and 2 for that!
  • Research saves money in the long run. Ask why and then listen.
  • Fish where the fish are biting.
  • It's easier to upsell a current customer than to get a new one.
  • Care for your internal customer. It's smarter to retain employees than to look for new ones.
  • To be better than your competitor, what extra service do you offer?