"Locked Out in the Snow"

Kim was a brave little girl, but now she was confused that her mother wasn’t home. She knew her daddy wouldn’t be home for a while. He was driving one of his big milk trucks for his job pumping milk from other farmers’ barns to take to the dairy far away. She looked around, trying to figure out what to do. She was getting really cold and wet from the falling snow. She turned around and decided to try to get in her daddy’s garage where he kept his two big trucks.

It was very difficult to trudge through even deeper snowdrifts across the yard and driveway, and now she was getting tired too. Breathing hard, she finally reached the garage. She tried and tried, but she couldn’t budge the giant doors. They were coated with ice, and after all, she was only seven years old.

Kim was getting a little bit scared because it was starting to get dark and it wasn’t like her mommy not to be home. She listened for cars on the country road, but it was very quiet. All she could hear was the cold, blowing wind. The decorated papers and big envelope she had carried home from school were all wet now and her fingers were stinging from her soggy mittens.

Then, she had another idea.

Kim E. Kimmy