"Locked Out in the Snow" -- available for pre-order now.

This story has a Christmas element, so it’s a wonderful Christmas gift, but it's a heartwarming story year around, especially for ages 4 to 9. Every page is colorfully illustrated.

"Special Occasions Keepsake Memories" (This is a perfect gift for any occaions for the recipient -- or yourself -- to have a keepsake record of details, photos, memories, and memorabliia from special events in your/their life.)

"Step-Granparent's Journal of Memories" (If you or anyone you know has step-grandchildren, this book is a keepake memory of how their parent came into your life, and keeping those memories as well as your memories with their child(ren) as their step-grandparent.)

"Traveling on My Funny Bone ... including some brushes with the famous" (Having traveled to all seven continents and coming home with hilarious incidents, I've been urged to write this book for decades. Each chapter is entertaining -- and unbelievablly true!)

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